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Wrath of the Lich King Zone List Released

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

NorthrendIn this months issue of Games for Windows magazine, an article has revealed what the proposed zone list for Wrath of the Lich King will be:

  • Howling Fjord (68-72)
  • Borean Tundra (68-72)
  • The Dragonblight (71-75)
  • Zul’Drak (73-76)
  • Grizzly Hills (74-76)
  • Azjol-Nerub (74-78)
  • Sholazar Basin (75-78)
  • The Storm Peaks (77-80)
  • Icecrown Glacier (77-80)
  • Lake Wintergrasp (Outdoor PvP)

Games for Windows Wrath of the Lich King Information

Monday, August 27th, 2007


– There is concept art of Dalaran and The Nexus – both look pretty cool. The Nexus looks like this huge purple beam of magic shooting towards the sky, with rings surrounding it that look like little islands you could probably land on with a flying mount.
– Metzen says he doesn’t want the end of Arthas’ story to be predictable, as he says a “Yeah, that’s pretty much what I expected” type of feeling.
– Metzen feels the Burning Crusade never really had an “ending” moment. Killing Illidan wasn’t it because he didn’t like the Legion either. So Sunwell will be it
– The Blood Elves are trying to reinvigorate the Sunwell using energy ported from Netherstorm (i.e. the Mana Forges), but supposively rebuilding the Sunwell is an excuse to summon Kil’jaeden.
– There is that quote that someone posted earlier in the forums that Kil’jaeden is not fully summoned, thus you can kill him with 25 lvl 70s.


– Dalaran will have one or two instanced dungeons in it (like Stockades or Ragefire they said).
– Dalaran won’t have Auction Houses or class trainers again (*sigh*). Same bass-ackwards reason as with Shattrath. It will probably have portals like Shattrath though, and they said possibly one to Shattrath as well.


– Sunwell area will have “tweaker Blood Elves, high on magic” and 6-8 bosses.
– Info about Utgarde: will be similar to Ramparts, but with more memorable moments to break up the “pull-rest-pull-boss” structure of other instances (way they put it). One is a giant flame forge that kills you if you step into it, but if you kill the workers operating it, it dies down. Another is a guantlet area like in Shattered Halls. One boss will be a Lich, another will be a Vrykul who summons scourge minions.
– There’s a map of Utgarde Keep (low level dungeon).
– It mentions the Stratholme CoT dungeon (which isn’t new news but it’s recent at least).
– There will be more “micro dungeons” (i.e. non-instanced dungeon-like areas.. I guess Deatholme is probably a good example). One is called Gjalerbron where the Vrykul are working side-by-side with Liches.


– Inscribers will be able to sell scrolls.
– Only a handful of core spells can be inscribed. Example they used was you cannot extend the range of the Priest’s Mind Vision, but you CAN extend the duration of the Hunter’s Freezing Traps

Minor info on the Death Knight

Monday, August 27th, 2007

RunesDeath Knight
– One idea for the Death Knight class is that you’ll start in Stratholme and have to break your way out.
– Two Death Knight spells mentioned: Army of the Dead (the one from the trailer) which summons a bunch of undead minions, and Death and Decay, which is an AOE spell.
– One idea for an ability is Blood Boil, a damage-over-time ability that after the duration lights up two of your blood runes.
– Generally Blood runes are damage-oriented, Frost are control-oriented, and Unholy are utility and DOT mechanics

Quick and Easy Wow Gold Methods – world of warcraft | World of …

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Quick and Easy Wow Gold Methods – world of warcraft There are many guides on. ..

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Quick and Easy Wow Gold Methods – world of warcraft | World of … interview with Jeff Kaplan

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Via, we have some new information on Wrath of the Lich King. interviewed Jeff Kaplan (Tigole) during the Games Convention in Germany and revealed some new information on the WotLK expansion.

  • The new Caverns of Time instance will be Stratholme (5 players, level 80 instance). You will be tasked with helping Arthas to cleanse Stratholme of the scourge, including burning the town to the ground!
  • The required level for Death Knight probably will not be level 80 to avoid any rush just to unlock it. It could possibly be between 55 and 60. Once you reached the required level you create your Death Knight and face some challenges. If you have mastered them, you will get your Death Knight.
  • Runes combination will unlock different abilities for the Death Knight. You can use up to 6 runes and there isn’t any restriction (6 unholy, 2 unholy 2 frost 2 blood, 3 frost 3 blood, etc …). For example you will need blood an unholy runes to use “Army of the dead”, and won’t be able to use it if you’ve only got frost runes.
  • Future hero classes could be Demon Hunter, Arch Mage, and Blademaster.

buffed: Now, to the topic: We heard a lot of things about Wrath of the Lich King at BlizzCon. Have there been any news since?
Jeff: There are a few things that we did not talk about at BlizzCon. The most important thing is the new Caverns of Time instance Stratholme. We wanted to return to the Caverns of Time concept because it is one of the coolest things we released for World of Warcraft: and we wanted to persue what the Bronze Dragon is up to. We want to show you some of the coolest moments of Warcraft. And now we chose Stratholme. Players of World of Warcraft already know Stratholme and many hardcore players are great fans of the old Stratholme instance. Warcraft 3 players however know Stratholme from a singleplayer mission, in which Arthas travels to the city and sets all buildings on fire, kills the citizens and fights Mal’Ganis. In Wrath of the Lich King you fight at Prince Arthas’ side, by travelling through the Caverns of Time. We are giving you the opportunity of meeting Arthas at a time at which he was not a great villain yet. You are “cleaning” Stratholme and igniting buildings!

buffed: Awesome! For how many players is this instance designed?
Jeff: It will be a five player instance, but for level 80 characters. We think that players will not enter the Caverns of Time while they are levelling, but return to them at level 80.

buffed: Have you already decided which race the Death Knight will base on? If one plays a Gnome, will the Death Knight be a Gnome too?
Jeff: Yes, we have already made a decision. But do not be surprised if we decide to change our minds. You know, game design is a very flexible job. Right now, every race can become a Death Knight, even Gnomes. We have thought about some things since BlizzCon. Characters most likely will not have to be level 80 to unlock the Death Knight, it will probably be earlier. Levelling to level 80 like a maniac to unlock the Death Knight simply is not fun. It makes people rush through the game. That is why we will make it differently. We have many ideas, but we have not decided on one yet. Maybe the Death Knight will be unlocked between level 55 and 60. Then you create your Death Knight and face some challenges. If you have mastered them, you will get your Death Knight.

buffed: But the newly created level 55 to 60 character will not become a Death Knight, or will it?
Jeff: No, the old character stays. You just get an additional one. You know, many players give their characters names related to their class. There are many names specific to Druids…

buffed: You mean names like “ilove2spooch” in the World of Warcraft Southpark episode?
Jeff: (laughs) Yes, exactly. There are many names like that. And many just would not fit and that is why we are giving the players the chance to give their Death Knights a new, suitable name.

buffed: Can you give us some details about the Death Knight’s abilities?
Jeff: Sure. The resourcing system is completely different and is based on runes. At Blizzard we are concentrating on making the characters differ from each other as much as possible. The best example are Rogue and Warrior. The Rogue uses combo points and the Warrior rage – quite a difference. When we started developing the Death Knight, we wanted it to feel distinct. That is why we gave him runes, which can be ingraved to his weapon, an axe or sword. There are three different types of runes: blood, unholy and frost. Depending on how you combine them, you get different abilities. The maximum you can have is six, and you can combine them in any way you want. For example: you could use two of each type of rune, or you could use four unholy runes and two blood runes, because you want to tank with your Death Knight. Or you could change your rune configuration for PVP battles. If you use your abilities you consume those runes, however. We have one skill called “Army of Dead”, which summons Ghouls. Right now you need unholy and blood runes for that ability, I believe. If you only had frost runes ingraved on your weapon, you could not use that ability. We have developed a pretty cool system that makes the runes on your weapon glow if you change the combination.

buffed: Last question: the Death Knight is only the first of many hero classes. Which hero class would you like to introduce next?
Jeff: My favority? That is hard to say. I think the Demon Hunter would be extremely cool. The Arch Mage would be cool too…
buffed: (whispers) Blade Master!
Jeff: (laughs) There are many options, among them, of course, the fantastic Blade Master. We did a lot of brain storming and also thought about classes that were not present in Warcraft 3. But we wanted to advance slowly and introduce the Death Knight first in Wrath of the Lich King. And then we will see what is next.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Gallery –

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King, Latest screens.

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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Gallery –

Fear Ward for Horde, Spirit Mechanics and other info

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Some additional information for new features for Wrath of the Lich King is available on the EU forums:

4.2.10Q Will spirit mechanics ever be improved so that mana-regen will work?

4.2.11Q Will Horde ever get fear-ward?

4.3.1Q Will WLK introduce any new dungeons? And how many can we expect?

    4.3.1A Yes, WLK will introduce many new dungeons. Currently we can expect one less max-level 5-person instance (when comparing to TBC). The following dungeons are currently known:

  • Grizzlemaw (Furbolg dungeon)
  • Naxxramas (see 4.3.6)
  • New Caverns of Time instance
  • Ulduar
  • Uldum (it’s only a plan brought up by the lore guys, no solid details yet)
  • Utgarde Keep (5 player level 70 dungeon, inhabited by the Vrykul)

    4.3.6Q What about old dungeon content?

    4.3.7Q Can we expect a lot of Attunement/Keyed dungeons?

      4.3.7A Yes. However, Blizzard is planning on introducing a way to make attunement/keys easier. A couple of ideas they had was that once you are attuned your whole account will be attuned. Also maybe a whole guild attunement. Nothing solid yet!

    4.3.8Q Will Arthas/Lich King be killable?